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Dec. 26th, 2012 11:10 am
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So Christmas wasn't overly eventful this year but that's okay I think. I woke up Sammy up pretty early and she whined a lot but that's okay~ We got Starbucks and I had one of their everything bagels for breakfast and it was the shit. Love their everything bagels toasted and without anything else on them. Only $1.25 too so not a bad price at all. Almost out of starbucks money again but I won the 7 star dash so I should be getting a $5 ecard from starbucks in the next two weeks. I still want one of their christmas cups ;o;

Uhm.. what else... So then we hopped on the bus and went to see Les Mis. Who knew that Russell Crowe could sing...and like not just sing but like sing. It's crazy that Anne Hathaway was barely in the movie but somehow she completely made the movie. My favorite character was Crowe's character though and the little boy. I don't know though I loved every character for different reasons.

Theeeen we had way too much time so we went to ihop to eat and spent too much money 8( But their caramel hot chocolate is the bomb. I'm not sure how Sammy felt about the gingerbread kind though. It was almost $3 though and made me wince when I saw the ticket...

Afterwards went back and my phone was almost dead so I grabbed my charger. The hobbit was soooooo good. It was perfectly casted and I just want to eat Thorin up that sexy little dwarf :| 8( And Gili and kili. ;o; Idc if I might be spelling their names wrong because I can't remember... I can't wait for the next movie. ;o;

And and and and...I really need to get the hobbit for kindle so I can read it again...

When we got out of the theater there was about 2 inches of snow and it was snowing pretty hard...and then it's still was snowing this morning...I hope it doesn't snow anymore of going home will be a bitch...

;o; but at least Sammy should be putting my hoody in the wash tonight...


Dec. 19th, 2012 11:13 am
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I wants it but I don't know where to find good fanfiction anymore. :|
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So I'm going to start really blogging again but I'm not sure what I should even write about. This weekend I didn't do much but sleep. Pretty lame actually. It was weird that Sammy was gone so much of the weekend. I don't think I'll like her working weekends/evenings ;; I'm never going to get to see her. It's really depressing me already lol.

I do wonder if we get a discount on the $3 movie and the concession stand...oh or the candy barrel ;; Best taffy ever. Mm... Feeling kind of down lately but it's mostly explainable and hopefully will get better. The fact I'm probably hormonal at the moment only exasperbates the problem. Why doesn't this browser have a built in spell checker? :| I really hate internet explorer. ;;

HOLY SHIT. 8( this lady at work randomly will start singing really loud and it's just jarring. lol

Uhm.. what else...

That's all for now. I've been active on writing.com again. so. Yeah.


Aug. 3rd, 2012 12:37 pm
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I've been kind of having the worst kind of week lately. I'm not even sure what's really making it that horrible. I do know that not having internet is like one of the worst things ever and I don’t have tv. Charter kind of pissed me off. I called them before I moved to ask if I would be able to playback what’s on my dvr when I’m in between being able to move to the new new permanent apartment. But it doesn’t work and when I called the night I moved in they told me that they’d told me wrong before. ~_~ Which really pissed me off of course lol.

I’m on the phone with them now actually because I just figured out that I won’t be moving into the new apartment until NEXT weekend. So… yeah. Trying to get the internet at least connected in the new apartment. T_T gah. They’re making it so hard too. Why can’t I just change the address that I transferred it to? I don’t know. She’s trying to see what she can do for me. We’ll see how it goes. To just create a new account I’d have to pay a full month + installation. To transfer there’s no charge anymore so I don’t see the problem with just transferring twice. Lol. I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m on hold right now.

There’s a fire in the Plumas county area of California and it’s drenching Reno in smoke right now. I don’t think there’s been a fire like this since I’ve been here. My eyes and throat are all itchy and stuff. It’s unpleasant but I think it’ll feel better once I get home. I’ll probably need to drop by the hospital and use my badge to put some money on my starbucks account so I can get internet…

And yep… They want me to have to start a new account and pay a whole month just to get a week’s worth of service before I move. ~_~ I’m really ticked off with them right now. I didn’t even have to prepay when I started the first account or pay installation for that matter. ~_~ ~_~ ~_~ There’s no logical reason they can’t just change the address. I know there’s a way to correct addresses because there has to be room to correct human error if they put in the wrong address etc. I should’ve just said they had the wrong address lol. I’ll put another $15 on my card and then that should hold me this weekend and part of next week… If anyone wants to donate to my starbucks cause let me know. Lol. There’s a way you can load my starbucks card without logging into my account or anything.

Not having internet is making me so frigging depressed. I’m scared to use Netflix on my phone at all because I don’t want to get data overages on the cell phone bill. ;o; I want to finish Doctor Whoooo.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now…
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I'm just totally braindead at the moment so I'm trying to stave off the crash by rambling a bit here but I probably won't get to any point because getting to points when my brain's all over the place isn't my best forte. I should probably grab myself another starbucks so I can go ahead and stay longer than I am thinking. I think I might try that. I need to. T_T It's just exhausting to even try to comprehend anything at the moment. Caffiene doesn't really have an affect on me but sometimes going to get it and being able to enjoy it I feel better and more energized. I'll go ahead and take a second break and clock out and walk over to the hospital for starbucks and then come back and see how it goes.

I want to go to writing group tonight but I think I should go home so I can watch some television and give my brain a rest rather than straining it more. I still have two more days left in the week after all and that's a pain. At least tomorrow's payday and I'll finally be able to get food again. I've been out of food for a few days but luckily I had some crackers so I've been surviving~♥ I just did some poor planning this past weekend.

I can't wait to get into a new apartment and for Sammy to be here. My stress levels will be so much better and I think I would actually spend less money because I do things just because I'm alone and lonely~ lol I don't know if that makes any sense.

I might try to write a little bit tonight to make up for not going to writing group but we'll just have to see.


May. 4th, 2012 12:58 pm
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I've got the worst possible headache it seems like and all I want to do is go home. I've already thrown up and at least that makes my stomach feel a little bit better so it's not as bad as it was but it's still not good. My head is just a ball of something wanting to explooooooode. I think I need a massage to get this headache to go or a hot shower.

I'm so tired or something. I don't know... I have so much to do when I get home but maybe I can nap first...
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I need more icons on my dreamwidth account but I can't decide what to do. Do you layouts that were made for livejournal work on dreamwidth?

Who wants to comment around and talk to me? Say hi!
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Who wants to help me get into the grove of blogging again? I don't really have very many people that actually use their journals anymore. Does anyone have DW? I'm wanting to use that primarily even if everything is cross posted to my LJ etc. But if you have a DW add me. It's poetanarchy as well. It's weird to say it like that when I'm writing this on dreamwidth lol.

I'm going to crack down and get to working on Political Gamble sometime in the near future. I'm just exhausted mentally lately and all I want to do is watch television and sleep. I've barely been doing any roleplaying at all. Ahh...

What else is there to say? I have a new bike and so I've been riding a lot and my thighs are killing me. I wonder how long it'll take before I get used to it again. I'm trying to lose weight but no matter what I do I seem to stay steady. :| I guess steady is better than gaining?
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