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poetanarchy ([personal profile] poetanarchy) wrote2012-12-26 11:10 am


So Christmas wasn't overly eventful this year but that's okay I think. I woke up Sammy up pretty early and she whined a lot but that's okay~ We got Starbucks and I had one of their everything bagels for breakfast and it was the shit. Love their everything bagels toasted and without anything else on them. Only $1.25 too so not a bad price at all. Almost out of starbucks money again but I won the 7 star dash so I should be getting a $5 ecard from starbucks in the next two weeks. I still want one of their christmas cups ;o;

Uhm.. what else... So then we hopped on the bus and went to see Les Mis. Who knew that Russell Crowe could sing...and like not just sing but like sing. It's crazy that Anne Hathaway was barely in the movie but somehow she completely made the movie. My favorite character was Crowe's character though and the little boy. I don't know though I loved every character for different reasons.

Theeeen we had way too much time so we went to ihop to eat and spent too much money 8( But their caramel hot chocolate is the bomb. I'm not sure how Sammy felt about the gingerbread kind though. It was almost $3 though and made me wince when I saw the ticket...

Afterwards went back and my phone was almost dead so I grabbed my charger. The hobbit was soooooo good. It was perfectly casted and I just want to eat Thorin up that sexy little dwarf :| 8( And Gili and kili. ;o; Idc if I might be spelling their names wrong because I can't remember... I can't wait for the next movie. ;o;

And and and and...I really need to get the hobbit for kindle so I can read it again...

When we got out of the theater there was about 2 inches of snow and it was snowing pretty hard...and then it's still was snowing this morning...I hope it doesn't snow anymore of going home will be a bitch...

;o; but at least Sammy should be putting my hoody in the wash tonight...

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