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Dilly Dally TCG

Card Count:
Collecting: Teen Top

Member Cards



Not uploaded: ge-teentop01


Not uploaded: ge-secret13, ge-secret04, ge-ailee08


Not uploaded: mv-dontneedaman12, ge-sehun12, mv-boyfriend14, mv-pandora15, pv-loveisforyou02, mv-janus07, ge-onew06


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[personal profile] krissasaur 2013-07-11 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
ge-girlsday17 for mv-y06 ?
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Hello! I am sorry to inform you but according to your logs, you have not updated or showed signs of activity for at least 1 month and as the rules stated, we have moved you to the In Active section of the Member List. Once you are in this section, you won't be deleted after x number of months but you will not allowed to play any games, participate in any events, use any of the services, or make trades.

If you would like to continue to do any or all of that but will be doing so at a slower pace and promising to update at least once a month, then please go to this post and declare an official hiatus or change your "activity" to "re-activating" in order to be moved back to your proper level. If you realize you cannot participate in the TCG anymore or just don't want to, please send in your quit form here.

Hopefully we will hear back from you! ;;