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Return to the blogosphere?

So I'm going to start really blogging again but I'm not sure what I should even write about. This weekend I didn't do much but sleep. Pretty lame actually. It was weird that Sammy was gone so much of the weekend. I don't think I'll like her working weekends/evenings ;; I'm never going to get to see her. It's really depressing me already lol.

I do wonder if we get a discount on the $3 movie and the concession stand...oh or the candy barrel ;; Best taffy ever. Mm... Feeling kind of down lately but it's mostly explainable and hopefully will get better. The fact I'm probably hormonal at the moment only exasperbates the problem. Why doesn't this browser have a built in spell checker? :| I really hate internet explorer. ;;

HOLY SHIT. 8( this lady at work randomly will start singing really loud and it's just jarring. lol

Uhm.. what else...

That's all for now. I've been active on writing.com again. so. Yeah.
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I really miss having anyone around. It's almost physically painful to sit around with only my children or parents as contact. So, be happy that you have Sammy. I might be a little jealous. I miss you more than I really let on most of the time. ♥

Love you more than you know.
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I know you wouldn't. I just wish we could visit. ♥
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Kwon. TT It makes the junsu in my head flip over. I know it's expensive. You also have work and stuff. I wish that Reno wasn't so expensive. You'd think it'd be less. But, if it's not Vegas, it's like a million zillion dollars.