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poetanarchy ([personal profile] poetanarchy) wrote2012-05-01 05:47 pm

Crossposting 101

Who wants to help me get into the grove of blogging again? I don't really have very many people that actually use their journals anymore. Does anyone have DW? I'm wanting to use that primarily even if everything is cross posted to my LJ etc. But if you have a DW add me. It's poetanarchy as well. It's weird to say it like that when I'm writing this on dreamwidth lol.

I'm going to crack down and get to working on Political Gamble sometime in the near future. I'm just exhausted mentally lately and all I want to do is watch television and sleep. I've barely been doing any roleplaying at all. Ahh...

What else is there to say? I have a new bike and so I've been riding a lot and my thighs are killing me. I wonder how long it'll take before I get used to it again. I'm trying to lose weight but no matter what I do I seem to stay steady. :| I guess steady is better than gaining?

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