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poetanarchy ([personal profile] poetanarchy) wrote2011-12-23 04:05 am
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Мои твиты

  • Пт, 07:52: Omg can I get Minsoo on dreamwidth????
  • Пт, 07:52: I want.... where is my laptop???
  • Пт, 07:53: Minsoo need it it is probably taken. Why botherrrrr
  • Пт, 07:53: Okay Minsoo might be a little bit of a ho too
  • Пт, 07:56: Hi
  • Пт, 07:57: Why do I remember all the shit I want to do when I feel too lazy to do it?
  • Пт, 07:57: Ohhh I forgot I have new cap icons like two I should upload and give him a new default that is not an icon dongass made.
  • Пт, 07:58: Whereeee did I put the icons. Sammmmmmmy
  • Пт, 07:58: Soulmate come out come out wherever you are. I don't even care if you're high rn.
  • Пт, 07:58: RT @pleasefindthis: There are days when I almost feel like a real person.
  • Пт, 08:01: Who eats a whole bag of tootsie rolls at once? Seriously?
  • Пт, 08:03: :( minsoo is taken :( :( :(
  • Пт, 08:04: Oh my god @popfizzer seriously where are you
  • Пт, 08:05: Yay soulmate came when i called
  • Пт, 08:06: I spent too much at walmart but it was all on gift cards. I ate three steaks tonight...
  • Пт, 08:08: Keep your beast dreams to yourself! -_-
  • Пт, 08:08: I think minsoo is gonna burp again.
  • Пт, 08:09: Pyooty needs a twitter name. Handle... pyooty! Or pyootykins... omg
  • Пт, 08:17: It will take weeks to import my personal lj i have like 4k entries
  • Пт, 08:17: :/

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